Burnout Self-Examination

Burnout is not the same as normal stress or tiredness, notes Dike Drummond, MD, CEO and founder of thehappymd.com.

Grim Statistics on Physician Suicide

Approximately 1 million patients in the United States lose their physicians to suicide each year, Pamela Wible, MD, noted in the keynote address at the 19th Annual Chicago Orthopaedic Symposium.

Recruitment Incentives Vary Widely, Survey Finds

Given the competition for physicians as the provider shortage intensifies, it is no surprise that most hospitals and other healthcare organizations offer potential hires a range of incentives.

In Physician Contracts, Hindsight Is ... Useless

False assumptions about the terms above that dotted line you’re considering signing — and about your would-be employer — may land you in an unhappy job and even in legal peril, according to Rebecca E. Gwilt, Esq.

Free-Standing EDs No Magic Bullet for Hospital ED Crowding

New research suggests building free-standing emergency departments (EDs) is not a sure path to relieving hospital ED crowding — at least not in major metropolitan areas.