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Fueling the Debate on Statin Use in Older Adults

The use of statins for primary cardiovascular disease prevention in adults over age 75 is clouded in uncertainty. A recent study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that statins may significantly lower mortality risk in older adults. That only underscores the need for a large-scale, prospective, randomized clinical trial, researchers say.

Exploring Telemedicine’s Potential in Palliative Care

A literature review found palliative care can be delivered effectively through telemedicine.

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Study Eyes Wider Use of High-dose Flu Vaccine

It is not only the elderly who could benefit from high-dose influenza vaccines, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

The vaccines could also save the lives of considerably younger people, the...

Drug Approved for HIV Patients with Few Treatment Options

The FDA has approved Trogarzo, a medication for adults with HIV whose infection cannot otherwise be treated effectively.

Timely Information: Study Provides a View of the Human Chronobiome

A group of researchers has identified and described rhythmic, time-regulated human physiological characteristics in a non-controlled setting — a finding with wide-ranging implications for precision medicine.

Product Spotlight

Embolism-avoiding Hemostat Delivery

British Medical Device developer Team Consulting has designed a hemostat spray delivery system that cannot cause air embolisms. Unlike other air sprays that apply a powder to stop bleeding during surgery, the Convesaid device emits no air.


Exercise Study Suggests New Approach to Slowing Parkinson’s

High-intensity treadmill exercise can be safely prescribed for patients with de novo Parkinson’s disease (PD) and may slow progression of some of the disease’s effects, according to a phase 2 clinical trial, the results of which were published in JAMA Neurology.

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Exercise Combats Mild Cognitive Impairment

A new guideline from the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) states that patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) may gain better memory and thinking ability by exercising semiweekly.

Milder than dementia, MCI affects reading...

Biomarker May Shed Light on Prostate Cancer’s Aggressiveness

A 70-gene-expression metastatic assay biomarker could change how physicians determine treatment plans for patients with prostate cancer.

Testosterone Therapy for Older Hypogonadal Men: The Debate Continues

Long-term testosterone therapy improves urinary and sexual function in hypogonadal men, according to a recent study. Other recent findings, however, continue to fuel debate as to whether the potential benefits of the treatment outweigh the risks.