Gastroenterology at a Glance

By Steve Barrett
Friday, November 1, 2019

Gastroenterological conditions pose wide-ranging challenges to researchers and clinicians. Here are some data about this field.

Care Paths

Digestive conditions spur tens of millions of visits to healthcare facilities annually.

Physician Office Visits: 22.4 million

ER Visits: 8 million

Faster Staging

British researchers were able to reduce the time it took to stage colorectal cancer by more than one-third through the use of whole-body MRI. The time fell from 13 days to eight and lowered costs.

Ulcer Diagnoses by Sex

Women are 25% more likely than men to be among the more than 15.3 million U.S. adults diagnosed with ulcers.

Low Progression Rate

Among adults over age 60, 58% have diverticulosis, but research suggests it develops into acute diverticulitis only 4% of the time.

A Heavy Toll

Cirrhosis and chronic liver disease claim more than 40,000 lives each year in the U.S., with mortality rates varying widely by state.

States With Highest Mortality Rates*

  • New Mexico 26.8
  • South Dakota 17.2
  • Montana 16.1
  • Alaska 15.1
  • Oklahoma 15.0

States With Lowest Mortality Rates*

  • Maryland 6.6
  • New York 7.1
  • New Jersey 7.3
  • Hawaii 7.5
  • Pennsylvania 8.0