Practice Management

Put into Practice: Nurse Practitioners Increasingly Gain Full Clinical Authority

As a major physician shortfall looms, states are turning to nurse practitioners (NPs) to help shore up the ranks of healthcare providers. For many states, that means expanding NPs’ practice authority.

That’s News

Satiety-inducing Device Shows Promise for Obesity Treatment

Bariatric surgery is the most effective option for sustained obesity treatment. However, new research published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces may offer a promising minimally invasive alternative for those unable or...

Health Systems’ Child Care Carrot

Facing a labor shortage, health organizations seek to attract and retain workers by offering solutions to one of their biggest financial pain points: child care.

Anxiety Aware

If you’re suffering from burnout and anxiety after two years of the pandemic, you’re not alone.

When Bullying Obstructs Healing

When workplace bullying occurs in health care, the intended targets are not the only victims. A recent AMA report offers solutions.

Exploring the Value of Patient Navigation

Patient navigation can benefit both patients maneuvering complex health systems and the health systems themselves, which often experience a high return on investment from navigation services.

Building Resilient Staff

Use the lessons learned from the pandemic to improve staff mental health.

Recruiting Physicians in the Era of COVID-19

As the United States manages healthcare during a global pandemic, prioritizing physician recruitment is essential.

Business of Medicine

Vote of Confidence: Hospital Consumer Comfort in the Era of COVID-19

While COVID-19 caused many to shy away from in-person visits with a healthcare provider, a Healthgrades study published in May notes that consumer confidence is on the upswing. The COVID-19 Patient Confidence Study, a weekly...

How Much Does It Cost?

More patients signing up for high-deductible healthcare plans calls for increased cost transparency and a common cost language.