Concierge Medicine: Failure to Launch?

Despite decades of availability to patients, concierge medicine is still not widespread. Why is that?

Target Your Social Media for Recruitment

Studies show a majority of physicians are on social media — 87% of physicians between the ages of 26 and 55 had at least one account in 2013. as of 2014, 54% of physicians utilized social media for work.

Business of Medicine

Expect Exponential Growth Among the Ambulatory Care Service Market Over Next 6 Years

Market intelligence and strategic consulting firm Reports and Data expects the global ambulatory care service market to reach $113.06 billion by the year 2026. Reports and Data valued the ambulatory care...

Striking a Healthy Social Media Balance

Social media: Can’t live without it, can’t pitch it into an active volcano.

Gauging Social Media Strategies in Hospital Marketing

A recent study provides insight into what makes hospitals’ social media posts successful — and what turns audiences off.

Mentorship Boosts Children’s Health Coverage

Uninsured Latino children in Texas whose parents were mentored by other parents who had obtained Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage for their own children were more likely to obtain coverage than those who received only the usual state enrollment outreach.