Medical Devices

New Device Helps Relegate Ambient Noise to Life’s Background

The Voice Selector Converse by Nuance Hearing can help mitigate one of the early signs of hearing loss, a condition that can have far-reaching health effects.

A Dearth of Devices in Pediatric Medicine

Over the last decade, pediatric medical devices have made up only about 25% of all healthcare devices approved by the FDA. The medical community is eager for change.

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FDA Grants Breakthrough Device Designation for New Cluster Headache Treatment

Last fall, the FDA granted the Belgian company Man & Science a Breakthrough Device Designation for a minimally invasive, innovative neuromodulation therapy device used to treat chronic cluster headaches. The...

Virtual Reality, Real Pain Relief?

AppliedVR hopes its immersive therapeutics will help patients with chronic pain, and investors hope so too.

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Penile Traction Therapy Leads to Sustained Improvements After Prostatectomy

Men who used the RestoreX penile traction therapy device for six months after prostatectomy experienced a variety of benefits, including more significant improvement in penile length, erectile function and sexual...

Vertebral Body Tethering Showing Promise for Some Patients

Vertebral body tethering (VBT), a surgical alternative to spinal fusion for patients with severe scoliosis, is not in widespread use, but research shows it could help certain populations, young athletes in particular. Still, there are drawbacks.

Orthopedics’ Mini Revolution

It’s a boom time for small orthopedic devices.

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Prior Authorization = Employee Absenteeism?

Physicians may have a new ally against prior authorization requirements: employers. The AMA is encouraging companies to scrutinize any prior authorization requirements in insurance plans before adopting them, noting that delays in care while waiting...

Researchers Uncover New Mechanism for Vagus Nerve Hunger Suppression

An innovative device that stimulates the vagus nerve to trick the stomach into feeling full may produce satiety in an unexpected way.

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Two New Weight Loss Treatments Show Promise

Over the summer, the FDA approved Wegovy injections for chronic weight management, the first such drug approved since 2014. Manufactured by Novo Nordisk, the drug works by mimicking the hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which helps regulate...